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Decision-Driven Data

ANALITICA empowers organizations to win through a singular focus on the Final Mile of the decision journey.

Glass Buildings

Organizations today have more data than they’ve ever had before…

…yet, 80% of data analytics will not deliver business outcomes.

Our Vision
About Us


We are analytics industry veterans, with experience aligning decisions to data analytics processes to add value to organizations 
We bring expertise from working with top brands across CPG, Retail, Foodservice & Technology Industries.

We have all experienced first-hand how organizations can be overly focused on creating analytics centers vs. infusing knowledge & insights to decision making. We believe this is heavily driven by vendors overly focused on growth & scale!

We have made it our mission to prevent organizations from falling in the pitfalls we have observed over the years.

We call this Decision Driven Data.


We believe successful organizations 

1. Establish a strategy to enable the creation of the RIGHT data & analytics foundation.

2. Master the last mile of analytics by embedding it into decisions and business processes to drive growth.


Guiding your organization from Data to Decision

Our Services

Data Strategy

Crafting a business-led roadmap to enable one version of the truth

BI Design

Insightsboards that drive business understanding and enable decisions

Final Mile Enablement

Embedding analytics in systems and processes so decision makers have data when & how they need it

On-Demand Intelligence

Analytics to answer strategic business questions communicated in a way that is easy to understand


Let’s Work Together

1013 Center Road, Suite 403S,

Wilmington, DE 19805, United States

Phone: (323) 744-DATA 

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